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A couple weeks back we had a little boy in for a photoshoot. 13 months young and apparently was at his best first thing. So we scheduled the shoot for 9am Monday morning. We sure was not dissaponited! what a little star.

Little chap

Portrait of little boy sat in suitcase

Everything here at fourTwographs starts with either a email or phone call. We always try to answer any questions about the cost and process of the portrait creations, but all concrete leads start after the phone call to a relaxed meet in either the clients home or venue of choice. I generally suggest a local coffee shop – Local to the client that is. The case study here for example was for the mother, Karen to contact myself via email and then also our facebook page. I followed up with the message and then a phone call to arrange a meet at  coffee shop local to us both. I met Karen, her mother and little Sam 3 days later at Chill @thecowshed and discussed her requirements for the portrait creation – this is the consultation all clients receive. We discussed times and styles and then arranged for the 9am shoot because this was the best time to find the little boy at his most cooperative 🙂 The end result was, we got to be entertained by this cute little boy, and in the process Mother got to choose some beautiful captures for print. Below are a selection of prints created on the day.

A photographer of over 20 years with a keen passion for the art of portraits that was born some 14 years ago with the birth of my nephew. I was to photograph this boy from the first few hours of life to the present day. Being able to photograph my family aided me in seeing uniqueness is all people. I started to be a people watcher and a student of light, which helps in my role of capturing beautiful portraits of the human form. Today I lend my self to a more artistic creation by having looked at so many faces and admired so many works of art by the old master painters. Whilst I am here to create the perfect portrait of you and your family in the style that you like I find my style tends to be one of a more painterly quality in the fine art side of my portraits.


Memories that captivate

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