Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

When you look around the walls of your home, what would you like to see?

Many people choose to decorate their homes with portraiture of their family and loved ones and it is this that can help to turn a house into a home, giving you a place that you want to spend time. A quality portrait should be attractive to the eye and impress the mind and as a professional photographer, it is John’s opinion that wall hung legacy portraiture is one of the most important pieces of home furniture you could invest in, and that is something that he has chosen to specialise in. His style is to create photographic art, whether that be for the home or for the office, and fourTwographs is one of the North West’s most diversified portraiture studios.

When investing in photography for your home, there are many things which you need to consider. Where in the home will it hang, and what kind of size is best suited there? What colouring needs to be used to complement the existing decor? What kind of location or background would you like to be used in the picture? But ultimately, what will make it feel personal to yourself? If you’re having pictures taken of your children or your family, dress in a way that will express how you are as a family, i.e. smart casual, or if you’re all mad on a certain sport or hobby, can you represent that and still look polished. These are all things that you can discuss here at fourTwographs, and John can help you to create the look you want, and even provide you with ideas you may not have thought of. Working together will allow you to beautifully depict your loved ones in the best way.

Furthermore, taking the time and money to invest in an independent professional photography company like fourTwographs means that the end result will be polished and perfected to a high standard, and should you then buy through the studio, you’re guaranteed that the prints or canvas will provide the ideal photographic legacy for your home for many years to come.

A quick Tip

A Professional Photographer will have Insurance Ask to see their Public Liability Certificate


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John Bentley Says " Did you know ... "

John Bentley Says " Did you know ... "

Founder Photographer

If you purchased one of our Legacy Portraits of 30×20 and above, in size. You can have it hanging in your home for 7 days, and if it does not feel right, you can return it for a full no quibble money back guarantee.

YES that is correct!

Book a Legacy Portrait session, choose to have one Image created at 30″ x 20″ and above and we will let you see if it is fitting in to your home. Now who else do you know that will do that for you?

Coming Soon… #WhiteShirt!

Coming Soon… #WhiteShirt!

For anyone who has spoken to John and asked him what next, as I know a few people have, I’m sure you’ll have heard whisperings of #WhiteShirt.

Well, let’s put the rumours to rest. As of June the 22nd (did you expect any other date?!) project #WhiteShirt will officially begin!

So, what’s it all about? Well as the name suggests, it will require participants to have their picture taken in a white shirt – 222 people to be exact. Bet you didn’t see that number coming! What the subject does with the shirt will be up to them. Wear it normally, wear it backwards, wear it on your head, let your imagination run wild! The idea is for all 222 to use the same white shirt, but John has promised to wash it – occasionally!

Now, unlike Project22, this one will be undertaken as a spare time project and requires participants to pay a fee to take part, currently set at £111. A large chunk of this fee will be put into a pot to raise money for local based domestic abuse charity, Fortalice, with the aim being to raise around a staggering £12,000! Definitely worth the fee if you ask me! According to the Fortalice website, every year they have a shortfall in funding of around £85,000. A donation of £12,000 could help to redecorate 40 one bedroom flats at £300 a time, or provide 244 sessions of 1-1 support for a child affected by domestic abuse.

Also included with the fee will be the cost of a 24x16″ fine art print which will be signed and embossed by John, just in case (in his own words) it’ll be worth something after his death – cheerful! Shoots will last roughly one hour and there are plans for both indoor and outdoor locations.

So, for anyone who is desperately interested and intent to put their name down to be one of the 222, please get in contact for further information!


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#WhiteShirt Sandra

Coming Soon… #WhiteShirt!

For anyone who has spoken to John and asked him what next, as I know a few people have, I'm sure...

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Season greetings

And THANK YOU for a great year to everyone on this earth. You have all contributed to making us a success. Whether you purchased from us spoke to us helped us with ideas or just clicked on these pages of our site, YOU HAVE ALL contributed to our lives.

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Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself

Valentines Day 14th February 2018

Will you be Investing in your partner?



Having professional photographs taken can be a huge confidence boost. And I should know!

Since meeting John on Project 22, we’ve become good friends and I’ve become his social media monkey! But he has also used me as a (completely and utterly amateur) photography model for a few different things he wanted to try out. At first, I would say that I felt rather reluctant at being in front of the camera. I’m generally not happy about having my photograph taken and I am very self-critical, as I am sure many people are. But the pictures that he produces are amazing and polished to an incredibly high standard. The more that he has put me in front of the camera, the more I feel comfortable, not only when having my picture taken, but also in my own skin. We’ve even done a few on the slightly racier side (not something I could ever picture myself doing having had a rather large baby!).

So. Why should you invest in pictures of yourself? It’s a fantastic way to celebrate achieving weight loss and helping yourself to become comfortable in your new and improved body. Or it’s a fantastic way to celebrate loving yourself as you already are. Perhaps you’ve been through some major changes in your life, and you need the little boost. Maybe you would like to have a few pictures taken that are on the slightly racier side as a gift for your significant other. Whatever reason you want to choose, the key word in this post is ‘invest’. It is indeed an investment. Perhaps when you’re older, it will be something to look back on and remember your youth, or something to show to your grandchildren and explain that yes, that really is you! Hang it in your own home and give yourself a little confidence boost any time that you see it. But celebrate yourself and the skin that you’re in.

If this is something you are looking to invest in, why not ask family and friends to purchase studio credit for you as a gift for birthdays and Christmas?

Valentines Day 14th February 2018

Will you be Investing in your partner?





Project 22 Part 2 – The Preview that wasn’t a Preview

Project 22 Part 2 – The Preview that wasn’t a Preview

On Friday the 11th August, John opened The Gallery at St. George’s House from 5-7pm to allow people to come and view the second part of the Project 22 exhibition. The images were changed over by John and Becki on the 4th of August and then available to view from the 5th. It was never intended to be like the first preview evening when the first half of Project 22 went on display – there was no offer of refreshment and it was only arranged in the five days previous. And whilst John only expected around a dozen people to attend, he was pleasantly surprised when closer to 35 people attended to view the latest selection of faces and order their own prints, supporting Lagan’s Foundation.

Much like the original preview evening, John spent much of the evening talking to many of the faces he had photographed. The two hours flew by in a blur of laughter, conversations with strangers whilst sat on the stairs, the infamous bear hugs and talk of the new project – #WhiteShirt.

The momentum continued on the Saturday, with a further 14 people arranging to view the exhibition privately. John can often be heard to say that Project 22 has allowed him to find 679 new friends, and I have often been amazed how he can recall the names of those he spent 15 minutes photographing, apart from one woman (Michele Pearce) who came to this event that he had completely forgotten the name of! But we can’t all be perfect, can we John!

The Forgotten Women

John & Michelle Make Up X

Project 22 – The Great Reveal

Project 22 – The Great Reveal

On Thursday 6th July, the first half of the Project 22 exhibition went on display to the public in The Gallery at St. Georges House as part of the Manifest Arts Festival.

Over 14 hours, John and exhibition curator Emma displayed 270 images, with 211 hung on the walls, and a collection of images that featured a chesterfield armchair in a vintage suitcase.

John has displayed his images in a way which allows it to be a tactile exhibition. The images hung onto the walls are pinned only at the top, allowing the viewer to gently lift them away from the wall and look at them in different lighting, exploring the angles of each image, and the collection in the suitcase are intended to be rifled through.

The preview evening on the Thursday can only be described as a success.

At least 70-80 people came to view and explore the images taken from the 679 faces that were photographed.

Strangers were recognising each other from the displayed images and sharing their thoughts and John himself was the centre of attention. There was a constant circle around him with people lining up to not only congratulate him but also to receive a bear hug!

At one point the staircase was full of people sat down and passing the images from the suitcase back and forth, something which I think made John quite proud. The exhibition really is a must-see (and I’m not saying that because I’m in it…)

Now that I’ve written the serious part, here are a few facts directly from the horse’s mouth about how the exhibition came to be! According to John, it has taken:

– 8 bottles of whiskey and umpteen gallons of coffee (that he adds salt to…)

– Around 130 hours a week of work, across 17 weeks

– One weekend completely lost due to exhaustion. He slept straight through!

– At least one side of bacon, a lettuce (from trying to be healthy) and apparently a cucumber?

– Around £1500 currently raised for Lagan’s Foundation, with more coming in every day, although John recons this would have been easily doubled if he’d had a swear box enforced on him!

– 679 new friends made, 30 people personally offended and 2 who unfriended him on Facebook!

– One accidentally duplicated image in the exhibition – oops! CAN YOU SPOT IT?


This first collection of images will be on display Monday to Friday, 9-5pm, until the 3rd of August, at which point the images will be taken down and the second collection will be hung, ready to be displayed on the 4th August until the 4th September.

The result of the exhibition being split into two viewings being that each run will last for 22 days.

2222 AGAIN!

For more information on the Manifest Arts Festival, visit

Roger Bygott

multidisciplinary visual artist

The images below were provided by Roger Bygott