Monochrome Portraits

Classic styling with classic lighting. These are monochrome portraits. The style is generally one light up close and personal, but seriously, this is not a bad thing.

The light is placed close to the subject and controlled in a way that the light wraps around the features and falls off relatively soon, therefore giving a nice soft light that will isolate the subject on a black background. These vintage black & white style portraits are all about the person.

For the dark moodier shots we have the sitter wear black on black. We like you the sitter to be wearing a black shirt or blouse, but in most cases the sitter can wear either a black T-shirt or a dark jumper/sweater. Some photographers will refer to these as being Low-key or the phrase of ‘ photo Noir’ Whatever folk call them, they are without question, when done correctly, simply breath-taking

Monochrome portraits here at fourTwographs Northwest England
Monochrome portraits using the High-key styled lighting

The opposite of these Classic Monochrome portraits, is the ‘White on White’ High-Key version. With this style of portrait the sitter will wear a white garment and be photographed on a white background. Same perfect look, but using other lights.

Again a simple clean shot printed in ‘Black & White’ to keep the viewer’s attention on the eyes.



Whatever you decide for your chosen session, you will have the same great experience enjoyed by others before you.

The primary concern with capturing these images, is the EYES – here at fourTwographs John is always looking at the eyes. John will look and momentarily capture that moment when he feels the character of his sitter(s) is shining through. He does this will all hise portraiture. The style here at the studios, to to grab the attention of the viewer, and that is done to perfection in all his work, but even more so with a totally black background, void of clutter and bright attention seeking colours.

My personal favourite is the dark clothing combined with the black background. The soft lighting creates beautiful and unique timeless portraits. The eyes will draw you in to the image and keep you there connecting with the sitter

John Bentley

Photographer, fourTwographs

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