Back In Black

Black and white portraits – The Timeless Classic here at fourTwographs

Young boy smiling for the photographer

In your Face Dramatic, Strong Black & White imagery

Classic styling with classic lighting. These are monochrome portraits. The style is generally one light up close and personal.

The primary concern with capturing these images is the EYES – here at fourTwographs John is always looking at the eyes. John will look and momentarily capture that moment when he feels the character of his sitter(s) is shining through.

For these dark moodier shots we have the sitter wearing black on black. We like you the sitter to be wearing a black shirt or blouse, but in most cases, the sitter can wear either a black T-shirt or a dark jumper/sweater. Some photographers will refer to these as being Low-key or the phrase of ‘ photo Noir’ Whatever folk call them, they are without question when done correctly, simply breath-taking.

£49 including ONE (1) 18" x 12" Print*

These sessions last for approximately 30 minutes. At the end, you will get to choose your favourite image(s) that you would like us to edit and have printed**

* Each print comes unmounted

** Please allow up to 10 days for your print to be ready for collection/delivery

My personal favourite is the dark clothing combined with the black background. The soft lighting creates beautiful and unique timeless portraits. The eyes will draw you in to the image and keep you there connecting with the sitter John Bentley

Photographer, fourTwographs

Professional portrait photographer for the corporate, creative and general public. All work undertaken within the Lancashire region and beyond. Contact John Bentley on 01204 775320  to have the studios give you the information required to book your portrait sessions, 

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And all across the UK from North to South and East to West