Just because you have a fancy camera and super duper lenses does not make you a photographer. it’s the same with knowing how to take nice photographs. It does not mean you’ll be successful as a professional.

My job as the photographer is to tell you a story, to take you on a beautiful adventure and work with YOU, the customer in creating  something that moves you, to inspire you to talk about for years to come.

While everyone else wants to play at being a photographer, I’m busy building a business to tell your story through art and memories. Here at fourTwographs we work with our customers to help them create the most memorable images of that moment in time, when you, your family, children or pets came to us wanting to be apart of the process taken in producing masterpieces for your walls. Creating portraits here at fourTwographs (the Pump House in Hampson Street, Horwich BL6 7JH)  is so easy for us when we have customers wanting to be the main character in our stories we create.

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