Family Portraits

Family Portraits

People often want portraits done in their own homes, not the highkey studios offer today.

Here at fourTwographs we offer you the portrait of choice, by showing the client what it is that can be achieved by using your own home. Often the place where you and the children relax more, is in our own environment. For this reason John will always arrange to meet for a consultation in your own home, where you can tell him yourself what it is you are looking for in that special portrait  you are planning for display on your walls.

By doing portraits this way we can customise your package of prints to fit in with your decor. We are often asked to also include props and fabrics that we feel will be complimentary to your surroundings.Know more about your portrait sessions

Above are a few images from a recent shoot with Natasha and her two children. She contact us because, like so many families she was looking for something to have created that was different to the school photographs and different to what other studios were offering.

I was looking to have some photographs taken of me and my children had no idea where to start. A friend recommended john so thought I’d give him a whirl. John came out with his lovely wife to discuss what I wanted from the photographs and where I wanted them done, I had decided to have them done at home as I have a very comfortable living room ( I was very impressed they both came and spent time with me before the shoot it was far more relaxing than just turning up on the day of the shoot. On the day it all went well john was patient and understanding with the kids being kids and spent a good few hours to capture the best pictures. I would definitely recommend john to anyone with his reasonable prices and going the extra mile to make you feel comfortable he’s definitely a genuine guy who wants to produce fantastic quality photos thumbs up xxx

Natasha Burke, Bolton

source: Google+ Reviews

Natasha Burke

Making a connection

Before I connect with the shutter

I connect with the CLIENT

What this means is, you come to me with the knowledge that you are in control of the sitting.

What this means is you turn up at the studios or we arrange a meet over some beverage.

We sit and chat with our drinks and find out who you are, what you like, how you sit, stand and roll, and of course who I am and whether I’m the man for the task of capturing you at your best. By doing this we are able to capture that character that is the REAL YOU! not some contrived shot whereby you was made to smile, but a beautiful piece of portraiture that we together created in a relaxed environment of your choice. I will always suggest places for photoshoots but, NEVER do I expect you to go along with them if what you have in mind is something that could prove better.

When you hire me to capture the character of you, your family or pet you can rest assured that I’m doing it because I love it, not because it pays well – That is a myth.

Choose fourTwographs & get the portraits you always wanted.


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Portrait Painter

Good evening everybody peeps!

Just a little post today about an impromptu shoot that happened yesterday. Here at fourTwographs we have several folk dropping in for a chat and a brew ( sometimes to eat all our biscuits ) if they happen to be in the area or even if they are not, but just fancy a change of scenery. Any way, back to the day. Chris Fittock, a fellow artist who I we have contatc with on a Facebook group txted me to say that if we was free from shooting would it be ok for him to travel over from Burnley for a change of scenery and to look at out studio space- bare in mind whilst we are fully functional photographic studio we also have some art studio spaces that other folk rent for themselves – and maybe a biscuit or two. “Yeah, sure think Chris” I replied, “we are free from just after lunch, say after 13:00” well he txt back that he would be over in the studios around ‘dentist time’ 2:30pm ( BAD JOKE I KNOW ) Chris arrived looking hot in his Androgynous outfit and duly plonked himself in a chair in the studio where I had just hung the day before, a parrot in a cage and an old frame a neighbour gave us – I just added some lose fabric in the frame. I thought the trio of of chair, frame, cage went together in a surreal way, but when Chris sat on the chair between these pieces, I just had to take a few shots of Chris. The resulting images being the ones below. It seems Chris may be back for a few more shots, being that he is looking to apply for film extras and also doing a few talks on his cross dressing, he will need some good promotional shots to boot.

The meet was just going to be a chinwag with biscuits and a brew to be honest, but whilst we got talking about life and how we approached things, the discussion led to the fact of him ‘coming out’ in the ‘cross dressing’ sense.  It turns out that whilst he as been fighting the battle within, taking only brief opportunities to cross dress, he decided whilst studying for a  Fine Art Degree at Blackburn College to come out fully.

Girl In Red Hat – Chris Fittock  The self portrait painting he officially came out to, to his fellow students and tutors towards the end of his first year.


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Last month you may recall I had a photoshoot with a wise gentleman and his three dogs. Mal, Sam, Brett and Molly. Well yesterday Mal came into the studios to collect the purchased fine art prints from that shoot. He was absolutely over the moon with the shoot and therefore order several prints and of course these two beauties here. One 24″ x 16″ fine art canvas and one 16″ x 16″ fine art framed print.


We here at the fourTwograph Fine Art Studios would like to thank Mal and the dogs for being part of the family and that day and from this day forward.  Thank you very much Mal Firth from myslef and fellow artists here at the studios.