The Gothmother

The Gothmother

The Gothmother

It was the day of my booked Mother and Son photo shoot with John and everything was great from the start. Before I even got into the room it was very easy to get there with my son’s big pram. When I got there my son was asleep so John offered me a beverage while we signed papers and discussed the shoot for the day.

John had booked in extra time for me because, well babies can be difficult sometimes. Before any photos had been taken John and my son, Daegan, 4 months old, began bonding and he took a shine to John straight away. The room was lovely and there was a lot of soft material options to lay Daegan on and make him feel comfortable. John even went the extra mile and turned the heating up before we even arrived so that Daegan would comfortable in more natural poses while un-dressed.

Daegan was very happy the entire time during the shoot apart from when he got a bit hungry, John was perfectly fine with this and let us take a time out to feed him. We then took the opportunity of him napping after his bottle for some sweet, precious mother and baby cuddling shots which were lovely.

These were on a lounging couch which i lay across with him on my chest asleep as I would do at home. This is the exact thing John captures in his photos. Just natural, raw humans and their connection. After a few natural pictures were taken we began to pose him with some of his favourite teddies as John suggested to bring.

Even though i was holding him up with his teddies John made the pictures look great. Then came the beautiful floor photos. Daegan lay on blankets and i curled around him and John got some beautiful bird’s eye view pictures of this, as well as entertaining Daegan at the same time.

The last scene was Daegan in a suitcase which may i say was ADORABLE. The vintage suitcase was laying open flat with lots of blankets inside to make it cosy. He fit in there perfectly. Some shots were in his vest and then the last ones were of him naked and they were all so lovely and pure.

After the shoot finished Daegan began to get a bit frustrated and got upset, John actually offered to cheer him up while i packed Daegan’s stuff away and John was walking around the room chatting away to him. Once i had finished John was showing Daegan previews on his screen which i was very excited about because all of them were stunning. At the end I began putting Daegan in his pram ready to leave and i was actually offered to be walked out with Daegan by one of John’s associates as it had gotten a bit dark. I was waited with until my taxi arrived and helped to get him in the car.

An all-round amazing, care-free and happy experienced.

Invest in yourself

    Having professional photographs taken can be a huge confidence boost. And I should know! Since meeting John on Project 22, we’ve become good friends and I've become his social media monkey! But he has also used me as a (completely and utterly...

Corporate Portraiture – headshot guidance

Are you looking to have new images created for your brand, next project, or just feel you need a good new selection of rotating social media imagery. If so, give me a call anytime and let's do this! You have seconds to leave your mark in all this social media noise....

Portrait of the week – Endeavour We Must

After The Holiday Ted and Chimp are back to their usual happy selves after pining for John ( the portrait artist ) whilst he and Julia had a well earned holiday on the beautiful Isle of Skye. They did a pretty good job of clearing up after the party’s too, don’t think...

Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

When you look around the walls of your home, what would you like to see?

Many people choose to decorate their homes with portraiture of their family and loved ones and it is this that can help to turn a house into a home, giving you a place that you want to spend time. A quality portrait should be attractive to the eye and impress the mind and as a professional photographer, it is John’s opinion that wall hung legacy portraiture is one of the most important pieces of home furniture you could invest in, and that is something that he has chosen to specialise in. His style is to create photographic art, whether that be for the home or for the office, and fourTwographs is one of the North West’s most diversified portraiture studios.

When investing in photography for your home, there are many things which you need to consider. Where in the home will it hang, and what kind of size is best suited there? What colouring needs to be used to complement the existing decor? What kind of location or background would you like to be used in the picture? But ultimately, what will make it feel personal to yourself? If you’re having pictures taken of your children or your family, dress in a way that will express how you are as a family, i.e. smart casual, or if you’re all mad on a certain sport or hobby, can you represent that and still look polished. These are all things that you can discuss here at fourTwographs, and John can help you to create the look you want, and even provide you with ideas you may not have thought of. Working together will allow you to beautifully depict your loved ones in the best way.

Furthermore, taking the time and money to invest in an independent professional photography company like fourTwographs means that the end result will be polished and perfected to a high standard, and should you then buy through the studio, you’re guaranteed that the prints or canvas will provide the ideal photographic legacy for your home for many years to come.

A quick Tip

A Professional Photographer will have Insurance Ask to see their Public Liability Certificate


Project 22 Part 2 – The Preview that wasn’t a Preview

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Headshot V’s Portrait

Often I am asked by people ' what is the difference between a Headshot and a Portrait. The straight answer would be ' Headshots are for business and your promotional material. Portraits are for hanging on the wall in your home or office' The difference between...

Art In The Pen

Carlisle 2014 As many of you will know, this weekend was spent exhibiting our Landscapes over at the Carlisle Art in the pen  We ( myself & Julia ) did the Art In The Pen 2013 over in Skipton and was so impressed with the organisation and footfall of the venue we...

Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

When you look around the walls of your home, what would you like to see? Many people choose to decorate their homes with portraiture of their family and loved ones and it is this that can help to turn a house into a home, giving you a place that you want to spend...

Gillian Mellor – social media guru

Today was a great day to work with a person that admitted they used their own photograph in social media instead of a professional headshot that will get her noticed. Gillian is a social media advisor in the process of building her followers and skills in the...

cat portrait – Siamese patrol

Cat Portrait Today was not the best of days freedom wise. You see, it turned out that my human - Laura - had arranged for a gentleman by the name of John Bentley to come and photograph my...

Am I right for the job?

Professional photographer. Choosing the right one to work with you Ideally you should be making your choice of photographer based on the style of images you want to hang in your home. Fine art, Life style, Fashion, high key, Low key, Black...

Become connected with your camera

Do you own a lovely DSLR camera that you mostly use in Auto Mode? Are you confused by all the settings and a little disappointed with your pictures? Why not join us ( John bentley & Janet Broughton ) on one of our Photography Workshops for DSLR beginners at here...

Headshots – Social Media

You are not alone in having worries and concerns about having your photo taken We really have heard every excuse under the sun, and know exactly how you feel. Lots of clients feel this way  and often come into the studio feeling nervous and apprehensive about having...

Th’owd rambler and his dogs

Last week  at the studios we had the pleasure of Mal and his three border collies. What an experience this was about to be. We started the shoot with a chat about the process I was about to undertake, which was that the dogs were  allowed to settle into the studio...

Autumn Madness

Print what you want to preserveThat's the advice here at #fourTwographs.Today people tend to take snaps of their children and other family mebers but never seem to have them printed. Always seem to have them stored on the phone, computer or the cloud. Why is this? is...
John Bentley Says " Did you know ... "

John Bentley Says " Did you know ... "

Founder Photographer

If you purchased one of our Legacy Portraits of 30×20 and above, in size. You can have it hanging in your home for 7 days, and if it does not feel right, you can return it for a full no quibble money back guarantee.

YES that is correct!

Book a Legacy Portrait session, choose to have one Image created at 30″ x 20″ and above and we will let you see if it is fitting in to your home. Now who else do you know that will do that for you?

Festive Shoots

Festive Shoots


Chew the fat festive sessions are just that. You and your family/friends will spend 20 minutes within the studio set and be your natural selves. The photographer will capture up to 40 images that he considers to be the key moments. You will be given a choice of which image you would like to be processed and delivered in a digital file to your given email address.


£25 and to include one Digital file to print and use without restrictions. Copyright is/will still remain that of fourtwographs. You can print the image and share the image so long as you do not alter the image in anyway with filters. Cropping is allowed but we tend to crop for optimum viewing and print.


Whilst we here at fourTwographs endeavour to to get the best images for you and your family. We cannot be held responsible for images not being captured the way you would have liked. The shoots are all candid so we are looking to get the best shots within the environment setting on the day. Your friends/Family need to be aware of this.


The parties agree to positive cooperation and communication for the best possible result within the definition of this assignment. John Bentley, fourTwographs and it’s staff are not responsible for key individuals’ failure to be present or to cooperate during photography sessions, neither for missed images due to details not revealed.

Why Not Book A portrait Session

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

People often want portraits done in their own homes, not the highkey studios offer today.

Here at fourTwographs we offer you the portrait of choice, by showing the client what it is that can be achieved by using your own home. Often the place where you and the children relax more, is in our own environment. For this reason John will always arrange to meet for a consultation in your own home, where you can tell him yourself what it is you are looking for in that special portrait  you are planning for display on your walls.

By doing portraits this way we can customise your package of prints to fit in with your decor. We are often asked to also include props and fabrics that we feel will be complimentary to your surroundings.Know more about your portrait sessions

Above are a few images from a recent shoot with Natasha and her two children. She contact us because, like so many families she was looking for something to have created that was different to the school photographs and different to what other studios were offering.

I was looking to have some photographs taken of me and my children had no idea where to start. A friend recommended john so thought I’d give him a whirl. John came out with his lovely wife to discuss what I wanted from the photographs and where I wanted them done, I had decided to have them done at home as I have a very comfortable living room ( I was very impressed they both came and spent time with me before the shoot it was far more relaxing than just turning up on the day of the shoot. On the day it all went well john was patient and understanding with the kids being kids and spent a good few hours to capture the best pictures. I would definitely recommend john to anyone with his reasonable prices and going the extra mile to make you feel comfortable he’s definitely a genuine guy who wants to produce fantastic quality photos thumbs up xxx

Natasha Burke, Bolton

source: Google+ Reviews

Natasha Burke

Clothing at shoots

What to wear for a portrait.

My advice and many other photographers – but not all – would be to wear what you completely feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable then the chances are we will get a great shot.

The logic is, if you’re happy and relaxed then the shots will be more of a natural you. This said i must admit that it does depend on the look we are going for, so I always advice clients to bring a few tops and bottoms to change into. What I can sometimes do is get you to change until we can get a more relaxed you. I also ask clients to bring something that will fit the style they are looking for. This may not necessarily be the clothing they are comfortable with, but  again the clothing can identify who you are, giving you a more authoritative appearance.

If the shots are your standard life style then maybe some casual, loose and vibrant items of clothing are called for.

If you’re looking to have a ” classic Monochrome ” shoot then the clothing needs to be kept dark and if possible logo free. This helps to create a better portrait with the main emphasis on the face.

If you really are not sure what makes you comfortable then jeans and a long sleeve top should do the trick for you. Try to have all the same in a group shoot  IE: if the majority will be wearing light clothing, then no point in one person in dark, because they will just stand out and this will not look best for the overall group portrait and vice-versa

If the shoot is a group shoot then the best advice would be to try to all wear a similar shade. If dark tones have been selected: greys, deep purple, and navy then try to have all guest wear this variant of hues.  Short sleeves are not the most flattering if you are conscious about your build. If you do wear short sleeves then please try to make them to the elbow  where they will flatter more easily.

Try to match your hair style to your attire. No point having your hair all up for a dinner dance and then coming to a life style shoot in jeans and sandals is there?

All of this will be discussed with you at the consultation before the shoot.

Client Testimonials


Met John whilst he was doing a charity photograph event, so when I decided I wanted some graduation photos he was the first to pop to mind. Setting up...

Kate Davies


A wonderful guy who is hard working, loves his work and puts all his heart and soul into it. John made me feel extremely comfortable, so much so I wen...

Carolyn Rothwell


John is a top guy who will make you feel relaxed and comfortable whilst remaining a true professional. The quality of his work is awesome and prices a...



John is a photographer who can accommodate anyone - young, mature, modern or prim and proper! Mum and I enjoyed our photo session with John as part of...

Scatt Scatterling


John was doing a charity project that I volunteered for... I am not normally happy with having my picture taken as I have a surplus of chins and a fac...

Stew Ashburner

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