The Headshot – because first impressions count!

The Headshot – because first impressions count!

Your social media photo needs to be a true indication of your age and build. There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not. The more accurate the photo the better. It needs to represent who you are, it is your first selling point in getting you noticed.

Think of your headshot ( profile picture ) as an investment in your career. Any professional needs the customer to be aware of their work and in this day and age your online presence is very important. The truth is, like it or not, anyone today searching for you will do it on the web and the chances are, that your image is the first thing potential clients will see. Blurry, pixelated or amateur photography will make you look unprofessional and within seconds can make people click away and go elsewhere – studies say that the any given person will make a decision on working with you in one tenth of a second

Herein lies my job. Here at fourTwographs I provide you with the images you require. Anyone wanting to be taken seriously today should be exhibiting headshots on all their communication outlets.

Below are just a few of the locations that your true identity should be prominent.

  • Business cards

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Not forgetting dating agency profiles, musicians and actors.

Creating that all powerful headshot can go a long way to creating that all-important, positive first impression. This is why I am here to help you to get noticed. You and I work to getting that online profile picture that will help you stand out in that crowd. A classic headshot will only really encompass your head and shoulders, so no real need for that expensive outfit, just nice crisp, clean tops without any over complicated patterns. that’s not to say you cannot wear matching tops and bottoms, it’s just that unless we go below a ¾ shot and on to a full length shot at your request, then the bottoms will not be seen within the shot.  

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Project22 Bolton Preview

Project22 Bolton Preview

Project 22 – the end?

As of the 22nd of June 2017, the photographic aspect of Project 22 came to a close.

For those who have met John, or have read or heard anything about Project 22, you will know that the number 22 has cropped up at various points in his life and holds a special significance to him. The project itself has been centred around the number, and it has been very much a numbers game – from the ambitious initial target of 2222 faces to photograph, to the £22 cost for a print of your face, with 22% being donated to the children’s charity, Lagan’s Foundation. 

But here are a few more numbers you may not have known about:

  • 82 – the number of days John spent in the Bolton town centre based studio, photographing and entertaining the people that came to take part, from the 1st of March to the 22nd of June.

  • 679 – the number of willing volunteers who heard of the project and came to take part. Each one signed a model release and leant their face to the cause.

  • 41,000 – the number of images that John shot over this time period! This is the number I find most astonishing: 41,000 images that have had to be looked through, culled and then edited and cleaned up to John’s standard before they can be shown to the people to whom they belong.

  • 44 – the number of days that the exhibition at the very heart of this project will run for, split into two lots of (yep, you guessed it) 22 days! The split allows John the chance to showcase as many images as possible, and leads us to our final number…

  • 450 – roughly the number of prints that will be displayed during the exhibition, split across the 44 days.

I myself took part in the project, having seen it mentioned on a Facebook group for mums in Bolton. Using the booking system, I made an appointment on that same day and went along with my 15 month old daughter, Cate. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive, especially as I was going alone (baby doesn’t count!) and I absolutely hate having my photo taken! In fact, I almost chickened out, especially as I wasn’t sure if I could bring the baby, but I’m glad that I didn’t. From the minute that I barged through the door with my pram, John was nothing but welcoming to both of us. I was rather nervous, and also a little on the shaky side as it was the day after the Manchester Arena bombing, but a quick chat and a bear hug later, and I was in front of the camera!

Being the good guy that he is, John also took a few moments to take a few shots of my daughter and I, and they are amazing. I fully intend to have more portraits done, especially as Cate gets older! He managed to perfectly capture her cheeky but loving nature, and I would wholeheartedly recommend all parents get professional pictures taken. In this age of technology, many of us will have a phone or digital camera full of images, but there’s nothing like a good old fashioned portrait hanging on the walls of your home.

The exhibition will launch as part of Manifest Arts Festival weekend and will be open 6th July 6-8pm for the preview evening, and then 7th July 9am-5pm and 8th July 10am-2pm at The Gallery at St. George’s House. Following that, it will be available to view Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm. The changeover of images will take place on the 3rd of August, with the second run of images being displayed from the 4th of August to the 4th of September.

I’ll see you there! Jenni (one of 679 faces)

corporate portraits – Headshots and why we need them

corporate portraits – Headshots and why we need them

Corporate Portraits and why we need them


Every business owner or creative/artist needs to be putting themselves in front of a camera. Whether it’s for your Website, Business card, Promotional materials, LinkedIn account, Facebook or Twitter profiles, and even that addition to your CV,  that image of you, is what potential clients want to be seeing.

I don’t  really need a professional photographer, do I?

Why not just crop out your friends and family from that picture you had taken at the pub, night out or even the summer barbeque, and use that for your business profile. I mean, I did get a lot of comments and likes on that one on Instagram/Facebook.

Let’s get real, they liked the smile maybe or the fact that you was drunk and still standing. In reality, yes there is possibly nothing wrong with the photo. It is after all who you are, but do you think it is a good representation of you and your business character?

Selfies are good are they not?

People liking and commenting are not really commenting/liking your ability to take a good selfie, you just popped up in their feed and they are happy to see you having a great time. Chances are they clicked like and moved on to the next post hardly really noticing your picture.

It saddens me that these business owners are not giving themselves the best chance of success.

If you happen to be in need of a professional who are you most likely trust, the one with a profile picture from a night out with friends or the one with a well composed and evenly lit corporate portrait, headshot, that shows they look professional and approachable? Not all but most people will instinctively trust the one with the professional photo. they say we take around 10 seconds to decide if we like a person by their profile image on the web. Don’t you think it is better to have the professional ‘Business Headshot’ on display so people will notice you quicker?

Not only will it build trust, but it will also help you stand out from all the other similar businesses that have settled for that quick phone selfie or night out shot.

Think portraits, Think fourTwographs

Here at fourTwographs we work in the ‘Art of getting you noticed’

So how do you know what sort of portrait will be suitable for your business?

Enter your email Below and I will send you a quick guide and some examples to help you decide what is most appropriate to attract your ideal customers to your brand. If after reading this guide you are convinced I am right, why not give me a call, I’d be happy to have a chat about your business and give you some guidance on our portrait styles, that could be getting you more attention than you previously thought possible.

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Professional portrait photographer for the corporate, creative and general public. All work undertaken within the Lancashire region and beyond. Contact John Bentley on 01204 775320  to have the studios give you the information required to book your portrait sessions, 

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And all across the UK from North to South and East to West

Fine Art Portraiture

Fine Art Portraiture

Fine art portraiture

Here at fourTwographs we try to give as mush as we can without breaking the bank. Some of these times can be in helping models to create a quality portfolio to showcase the potential they have. I have help several models in my years as a photographer to get paid work from showing who and what they are online.

I also get to develop my craft in the process. Working in this business is a two-way street. We help each other in this creative world. MUA ( makeup artist ) are also taken on board to help us create the image we desire. I can, and will work with almost all styles of model and MUA to help develop each of our skills.

Shoots are often planned weeks in advance and some have even taken over a year to create just because the conditions are not right or the model is not available, MUA are not free to dedicate their time when we need it. We wait.

There are models out there that I still have not shot with because their portfolio is up to date or my style does not suit them at the time. I happen to feel that certain models can boost my portfolio and reputation immensely and would love to shoot with them- I can wait. In the meantime we don’t just sit around waiting. We create a want and a need for our work. I shoot with families and children. I invest in other people to help us.

We work with people in business and other locations to fuel the fire.

All our shoots are fun, friendly, relaxed with plenty of coffee, tea, water and chat. As well as an array of fabrics, props, hats and clothes to make the whole experience a memorable one.

Fine art portraiture commissions start from £65


Art In The Pen

Art In The Pen

Carlisle 2014

As many of you will know, this weekend was spent exhibiting our Landscapes over at the Carlisle Art in the pen 

We ( myself & Julia ) did the Art In The Pen 2013 over in Skipton and was so impressed with the organisation and footfall of the venue we decided to hop on board the 2014 one also. It turned out that when we submitted work for acceptance to the 2014 Skipton Art In The Pen they happen to have arranged a Carlisle venue at the Borderway Mart Carlisle and so we was asked if we would be happy to join some 80 other artists to fill the venue there.


We said YES and this post is the results of a us doing so.

An excellent weekend had by all. The takings where average and the footfall could have been better but all in all I think most folk where happy with the results.

See you all next month for Art In The Pen Skipton


For more of my Landscape work

Fineart Landscapes

By John Bentley


Family Portraits

Family Portraits

People often want portraits done in their own homes, not the highkey studios offer today.

Here at fourTwographs we offer you the portrait of choice, by showing the client what it is that can be achieved by using your own home. Often the place where you and the children relax more, is in our own environment. For this reason John will always arrange to meet for a consultation in your own home, where you can tell him yourself what it is you are looking for in that special portrait  you are planning for display on your walls.

By doing portraits this way we can customise your package of prints to fit in with your decor. We are often asked to also include props and fabrics that we feel will be complimentary to your surroundings.Know more about your portrait sessions

Above are a few images from a recent shoot with Natasha and her two children. She contact us because, like so many families she was looking for something to have created that was different to the school photographs and different to what other studios were offering.

I was looking to have some photographs taken of me and my children had no idea where to start. A friend recommended john so thought I’d give him a whirl. John came out with his lovely wife to discuss what I wanted from the photographs and where I wanted them done, I had decided to have them done at home as I have a very comfortable living room ( I was very impressed they both came and spent time with me before the shoot it was far more relaxing than just turning up on the day of the shoot. On the day it all went well john was patient and understanding with the kids being kids and spent a good few hours to capture the best pictures. I would definitely recommend john to anyone with his reasonable prices and going the extra mile to make you feel comfortable he’s definitely a genuine guy who wants to produce fantastic quality photos thumbs up xxx

Natasha Burke, Bolton

source: Google+ Reviews

Natasha Burke