Professional Headshot Photography

Professional Headshot Photography

Your unique personality

My goal is to pull amazing expressions from you, so that you appear confident, approachable and likable.

Invest in yourself, and others will too!

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John Bentley

Portrait Artist

I’ve shot for artists, corporate clients, family, charity, inspirational women and now I’m looking to shoot for YOU the actor.

Are you looking for that connection with your next casting session? If so why not try me John Bentley and my studio fourTwographs here in Bolton Town Centre.

Just under 1/2 mile from the Bolton Interchange or just 400 yards from the end on the A666 St Peters Way here in Bolton. Right next door to the Holiday Inn


You should expect a relaxed environment with good tea or coffee ( water/juice if you prefer ) along with crazy friendly banter.

You don’t have to be mad in our sessions, but it helps. Maybe chat about your answers to the questionnaire you fill in below – don’t worry, they are pretty poor questions you have to answer. Take a look via the button below. You can always turn back if you want to.

Once you’ve gotten used to my silliness we start to shoot. I’ll be encouraging throughout the shoot with asking you for a particular look/expression/thought. I may even nip to the little boys room and leave you to chat with my assistant about my boyish behaviour. Or maybe just let you look through the shots we have taken thus far.

I really need you to speak up and tell me what you’re loving and hating – so don’t pull any punches. I can take it. After all, this is all about you.

After we have done the shoot, we will sit down and have another brew ( maybe chocolates too or a beer ) and take a gander at what we have created together. This is where you get to bin the terrible ones before I snapshot them for social media ( I like to show the world your crazy look )

The ones you think are keepers will be tweaked for colour balance and contrast, before we upload them to your own personal online gallery. Here you get to choose the ones that you definitely want to have edited. You favourite them and then ring/text or email what extra mile you want us to go to with removing that spinach from your teeth or that stray hair on the chin.

We edit and then send to you for digital download. SIMPLES INNIT!

Very relaxed and friendly environment with very professional results. Loved both times I have been photographed by John and would definitely recommend!

Made to feel so much at ease and relaxed actually enjoyed the photo shoot and that is a very strong compliment as I don’t like my photo being taken
Would definitely recommend John

Yes he is a bit crazy, but the best people in this world are. He captures something in his photos that is completely unique – the person!

Some serious encouragement we go through on your session.


Try paying more attention to yourself.


you vary the angle of your nostrils?


i’ll be back!


toward Manchester Piccadilly


Not that much! you look like Bruce … Good Game


Now look confused. Don’t move! maybe just a little

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Corporate Image

Simon Bowkett

Trainer Coach Author Speaker


Suzy Orr

Founder/CEO & Networking Consultant at Unique Ladies


3Sixty Restaurants

Group Finance Director


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Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots

Professional Headshots Photographer – Northwest

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots


On Monday John and Julia were in Tarpoley, Cheshire. A shoot with Simon Bowkett of Symco Training. What a nice chap, easy going, approachable and a good laugh. They were there until around lunch time. Sometimes watching him whilst he made a video for his business and sometimes taking pictures of him whilst this happened. A little later they got to spend some one on one time with Simon and get some shots away from the green screen. All in all a good day.

We had a few gremlins in the baggage on this shoot. We had light failure several times – I suspect due to me having left the gear in the car over night! A little on the cold side, DOH!! – and one of the receivers for our wireless triggers developed a loose wire :/ Very stressful time, but like the professional I am, with not too many curse words, mission accomplished. Here are a couple of the shots that caught my eye. Simon and the team may select several different ones, so keep an eye out on LinkedIn or over at Symco Training ( link Below )

Simon Bowkett – Symco Training

Helping businesses get their sales people up to speed quickly, therefore reducing the cost of lost sales

In Other News

Ted and Chimp have had an education in new swear words this week. As you may or may not know, there have been some issues with one of Johns hard drives. As a result Ted and Chimp are currently hiding on the big red chair under a blanket waiting for things to return to normal. Am sure they’ll keep you informed as to how things are going.

See you again soon. TTFN

Made to feel so much at ease and relaxed actually enjoyed the photo shoot and that is a very strong compliment as I don’t like my photo being taken. Would definitely recommend John

Gay Wharton

John is a fantastic photographer. He did head shot portraits of our head office team. His photographs are amazing and captured the very essence of each individual. Very clever and a great character. Highly recommended.


Group Finance Director, 3Sixty Restaurants Ltd

Such a lovely, genuine, hilarious guy. He puts you at ease whilst working his magic. Would highly, highly recommend!


Are you looking to have great corporate portraits for your brand?

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The Headshot – because first impressions count!

The Headshot – because first impressions count!

Your social media photo needs to be a true indication of your age and build. There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not. The more accurate the photo the better. It needs to represent who you are, it is your first selling point in getting you noticed.

Think of your headshot ( profile picture ) as an investment in your career. Any professional needs the customer to be aware of their work and in this day and age your online presence is very important. The truth is, like it or not, anyone today searching for you will do it on the web and the chances are, that your image is the first thing potential clients will see. Blurry, pixelated or amateur photography will make you look unprofessional and within seconds can make people click away and go elsewhere – studies say that the any given person will make a decision on working with you in one tenth of a second

Herein lies my job. Here at fourTwographs I provide you with the images you require. Anyone wanting to be taken seriously today should be exhibiting headshots on all their communication outlets.

Below are just a few of the locations that your true identity should be prominent.

  • Business cards

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Not forgetting dating agency profiles, musicians and actors.

Creating that all powerful headshot can go a long way to creating that all-important, positive first impression. This is why I am here to help you to get noticed. You and I work to getting that online profile picture that will help you stand out in that crowd. A classic headshot will only really encompass your head and shoulders, so no real need for that expensive outfit, just nice crisp, clean tops without any over complicated patterns. that’s not to say you cannot wear matching tops and bottoms, it’s just that unless we go below a ¾ shot and on to a full length shot at your request, then the bottoms will not be seen within the shot.  

Young lady with bald head and royal python around her neck

Pet Portraits pawTwographs

What a great and unusual request   [gallery type="rectangular" link="none"...

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots

Professional Headshots Photographer - Northwest Skippy On Monday John and Julia were in Tarpoley, Cheshire. A...

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Little boy on suitcase

Sam and the teddies

Everything here at fourTwographs starts with either a email or phone call. We always try to answer any questions about the cost and process of the portrait creations, but all concrete leads start after the phone call to a relaxed meet in either the clients home or venue of choice. I generally suggest a local coffee shop – Local to the client that is. The case study here for example was for the mother, Karen to contact myself via email and then also …

Things To Know About Your Portrait

Some of our clients do speak to us about their issues regarding the portrait sittings. Here are a few of the said issues and some words of advice we give to them

Professional Headshot Photography

Your unique personality My goal is to pull amazing expressions from you, so that you appear...

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Monochrome Portraits by John Bentley Bolton

Monochrome Portraits by John Bentley Bolton

Monochrome Portraits

Classic styling with classic lighting. These are monochrome portraits. The style is generally one light up close and personal, but seriously, this is not a bad thing.

The light is placed close to the subject and controlled in a way that the light wraps around the features and falls off relatively soon, therefore giving a nice soft light that will isolate the subject on a black background. These vintage black & white style portraits are all about the person.

For the dark moodier shots we have the sitter wear black on black. We like you the sitter to be wearing a black shirt or blouse, but in most cases the sitter can wear either a black T-shirt or a dark jumper/sweater. Some photographers will refer to these as being Low-key or the phrase of ‘ photo Noir’ Whatever folk call them, they are without question, when done correctly, simply breath-taking

Monochrome portraits here at fourTwographs Northwest England
Monochrome portraits using the High-key styled lighting

The opposite of these Classic Monochrome portraits, is the ‘White on White’ High-Key version. With this style of portrait the sitter will wear a white garment and be photographed on a white background. Same perfect look, but using other lights.

Again a simple clean shot printed in ‘Black & White’ to keep the viewer’s attention on the eyes.



Whatever you decide for your chosen session, you will have the same great experience enjoyed by others before you.

The primary concern with capturing these images, is the EYES – here at fourTwographs John is always looking at the eyes. John will look and momentarily capture that moment when he feels the character of his sitter(s) is shining through. He does this will all hise portraiture. The style here at the studios, to to grab the attention of the viewer, and that is done to perfection in all his work, but even more so with a totally black background, void of clutter and bright attention seeking colours.

My personal favourite is the dark clothing combined with the black background. The soft lighting creates beautiful and unique timeless portraits. The eyes will draw you in to the image and keep you there connecting with the sitter

John Bentley

Photographer, fourTwographs

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Headshots – Personal Branding for small business and artists

Headshots – Personal Branding for small business and artists

Headshots – Personal Branding for small business and artists

Headshot | fourTwographs by John Bentley

The Art Of Getting You Noticed


What we do, is create the dynamic head-shot that will enhance you and your image.

The whole point of the head-shot, is not to come out of your shoot with bunch of makeover type shots or a modelling portfolio, but for us together, to capture what it is that makes you different from others.

This lovely fellow ‘complete gentlemen’ certainly knows how to turn heads when it comes to the quality of his work.


… the images demonstrate how the intertwining of art and science can mean that your dreams are possible!

I don’t hesitate to recommend fourTwographs


I’d never done anything like this before, not being too comfortable that side of the camera. I was impressed with the smooth operation and how at ease John made me feel while having lots of ideas to try.



corporate portraits – Headshots and why we need them

corporate portraits – Headshots and why we need them

Corporate Portraits and why we need them


Every business owner or creative/artist needs to be putting themselves in front of a camera. Whether it’s for your Website, Business card, Promotional materials, LinkedIn account, Facebook or Twitter profiles, and even that addition to your CV,  that image of you, is what potential clients want to be seeing.

I don’t  really need a professional photographer, do I?

Why not just crop out your friends and family from that picture you had taken at the pub, night out or even the summer barbeque, and use that for your business profile. I mean, I did get a lot of comments and likes on that one on Instagram/Facebook.

Let’s get real, they liked the smile maybe or the fact that you was drunk and still standing. In reality, yes there is possibly nothing wrong with the photo. It is after all who you are, but do you think it is a good representation of you and your business character?

Selfies are good are they not?

People liking and commenting are not really commenting/liking your ability to take a good selfie, you just popped up in their feed and they are happy to see you having a great time. Chances are they clicked like and moved on to the next post hardly really noticing your picture.

It saddens me that these business owners are not giving themselves the best chance of success.

If you happen to be in need of a professional who are you most likely trust, the one with a profile picture from a night out with friends or the one with a well composed and evenly lit corporate portrait, headshot, that shows they look professional and approachable? Not all but most people will instinctively trust the one with the professional photo. they say we take around 10 seconds to decide if we like a person by their profile image on the web. Don’t you think it is better to have the professional ‘Business Headshot’ on display so people will notice you quicker?

Not only will it build trust, but it will also help you stand out from all the other similar businesses that have settled for that quick phone selfie or night out shot.

Think portraits, Think fourTwographs

Here at fourTwographs we work in the ‘Art of getting you noticed’

So how do you know what sort of portrait will be suitable for your business?

Enter your email Below and I will send you a quick guide and some examples to help you decide what is most appropriate to attract your ideal customers to your brand. If after reading this guide you are convinced I am right, why not give me a call, I’d be happy to have a chat about your business and give you some guidance on our portrait styles, that could be getting you more attention than you previously thought possible.

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