Professional Headshot Photography

Professional Headshot Photography

Your unique personality

My goal is to pull amazing expressions from you, so that you appear confident, approachable and likable.

Invest in yourself, and others will too!

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John Bentley

Portrait Artist

I’ve shot for artists, corporate clients, family, charity, inspirational women and now I’m looking to shoot for YOU the actor.

Are you looking for that connection with your next casting session? If so why not try me John Bentley and my studio fourTwographs here in Bolton Town Centre.

Just under 1/2 mile from the Bolton Interchange or just 400 yards from the end on the A666 St Peters Way here in Bolton. Right next door to the Holiday Inn


You should expect a relaxed environment with good tea or coffee ( water/juice if you prefer ) along with crazy friendly banter.

You don’t have to be mad in our sessions, but it helps. Maybe chat about your answers to the questionnaire you fill in below – don’t worry, they are pretty poor questions you have to answer. Take a look via the button below. You can always turn back if you want to.

Once you’ve gotten used to my silliness we start to shoot. I’ll be encouraging throughout the shoot with asking you for a particular look/expression/thought. I may even nip to the little boys room and leave you to chat with my assistant about my boyish behaviour. Or maybe just let you look through the shots we have taken thus far.

I really need you to speak up and tell me what you’re loving and hating – so don’t pull any punches. I can take it. After all, this is all about you.

After we have done the shoot, we will sit down and have another brew ( maybe chocolates too or a beer ) and take a gander at what we have created together. This is where you get to bin the terrible ones before I snapshot them for social media ( I like to show the world your crazy look )

The ones you think are keepers will be tweaked for colour balance and contrast, before we upload them to your own personal online gallery. Here you get to choose the ones that you definitely want to have edited. You favourite them and then ring/text or email what extra mile you want us to go to with removing that spinach from your teeth or that stray hair on the chin.

We edit and then send to you for digital download. SIMPLES INNIT!

Very relaxed and friendly environment with very professional results. Loved both times I have been photographed by John and would definitely recommend!

Made to feel so much at ease and relaxed actually enjoyed the photo shoot and that is a very strong compliment as I don’t like my photo being taken
Would definitely recommend John

Yes he is a bit crazy, but the best people in this world are. He captures something in his photos that is completely unique – the person!

Some serious encouragement we go through on your session.


Try paying more attention to yourself.


you vary the angle of your nostrils?


i’ll be back!


toward Manchester Piccadilly


Not that much! you look like Bruce … Good Game


Now look confused. Don’t move! maybe just a little

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Corporate Image

Simon Bowkett

Trainer Coach Author Speaker


Suzy Orr

Founder/CEO & Networking Consultant at Unique Ladies


3Sixty Restaurants

Group Finance Director


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Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

Investing in photography – why should I choose a professional photographer?

When you look around the walls of your home, what would you like to see?

Many people choose to decorate their homes with portraiture of their family and loved ones and it is this that can help to turn a house into a home, giving you a place that you want to spend time. A quality portrait should be attractive to the eye and impress the mind and as a professional photographer, it is John’s opinion that wall hung legacy portraiture is one of the most important pieces of home furniture you could invest in, and that is something that he has chosen to specialise in. His style is to create photographic art, whether that be for the home or for the office, and fourTwographs is one of the North West’s most diversified portraiture studios.

When investing in photography for your home, there are many things which you need to consider. Where in the home will it hang, and what kind of size is best suited there? What colouring needs to be used to complement the existing decor? What kind of location or background would you like to be used in the picture? But ultimately, what will make it feel personal to yourself? If you’re having pictures taken of your children or your family, dress in a way that will express how you are as a family, i.e. smart casual, or if you’re all mad on a certain sport or hobby, can you represent that and still look polished. These are all things that you can discuss here at fourTwographs, and John can help you to create the look you want, and even provide you with ideas you may not have thought of. Working together will allow you to beautifully depict your loved ones in the best way.

Furthermore, taking the time and money to invest in an independent professional photography company like fourTwographs means that the end result will be polished and perfected to a high standard, and should you then buy through the studio, you’re guaranteed that the prints or canvas will provide the ideal photographic legacy for your home for many years to come.

A quick Tip

A Professional Photographer will have Insurance Ask to see their Public Liability Certificate


Please Print Your Pictures

Be honest. They are not really much use on a disk are they? If you really care about your pictures of friends, family, places that you visit or that beautiful piece of art you just created, or even became passionate about, then please, please, please consider having...

Preparing for the photoshoot

Preparing children for a portrait sitting Please, on no account should you ‘warn’ your children to behave themselves, either before or  during the sitting. This puts your children under more pressure and hinders us in capturing their true personality. We are almost...

Makeover Portrait

Last weekend at the studios we had a ladies day - Fizz, chocolates and a mini make-over. The day started with a glass of fizz on arrival at the photography studio. Followed by a brief chat about what was going to be happening. We always, on these...

Cake Smash

Three Part Portrait Cake Smash Mother and Son came to the studio with friend who had made the cake, especially for the little boy, Elliott. Shannon was really excited when she saw the set up. Elliott looked adorable, had dungarees on with ‘I am One’ printed all over....

Headshots – Social Media

You are not alone in having worries and concerns about having your photo taken We really have heard every excuse under the sun, and know exactly how you feel. Lots of clients feel this way  and often come into the studio feeling nervous and apprehensive about having...

The Gothmother

  It was the day of my booked Mother and Son photo shoot with John and everything was great from the start. Before I even got into the room it was very easy to get there with my son’s big pram. When I got there my son was asleep so John offered me a beverage...

Project 22 – The Great Reveal

On Thursday 6th July, the first half of the Project 22 exhibition went on display to the public in The Gallery at St. Georges House as part of the Manifest Arts Festival. Over 14 hours, John and exhibition curator Emma displayed 270 images, with 211 hung...

Coming Soon… #WhiteShirt!

For anyone who has spoken to John and asked him what next, as I know a few people have, I'm sure you'll have heard whisperings of #WhiteShirt. Well, let's put the rumours to rest. As of June the 22nd (did you expect any other date?!) project #WhiteShirt...

Project 22 Part 2 – The Preview that wasn’t a Preview

On Friday the 11th August, John opened The Gallery at St. George’s House from 5-7pm to allow people to come and view the second part of the Project 22 exhibition. The images were changed over by John and Becki on the 4th of August and then available to...

What to wear for a shoot

A common question asked when people are booking a family portrait with us at fourTwographs Fine Art Studio During our family portraits you can bring a change of clothes and colours, we are happy to discuss this with you before your day. Below we have come up with a...

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots

Professional Headshots Photographer - Northwest Skippy On Monday John and Julia were in Tarpoley, Cheshire. A shoot with Simon Bowkett of Symco Training. What a nice chap, easy going, approachable and a good laugh. They were there until around lunch time. Sometimes...
John Bentley Says " Did you know ... "

John Bentley Says " Did you know ... "

Founder Photographer

If you purchased one of our Legacy Portraits of 30×20 and above, in size. You can have it hanging in your home for 7 days, and if it does not feel right, you can return it for a full no quibble money back guarantee.

YES that is correct!

Book a Legacy Portrait session, choose to have one Image created at 30″ x 20″ and above and we will let you see if it is fitting in to your home. Now who else do you know that will do that for you?

The Headshot – because first impressions count!

The Headshot – because first impressions count!

Your social media photo needs to be a true indication of your age and build. There is no point in pretending to be someone you are not. The more accurate the photo the better. It needs to represent who you are, it is your first selling point in getting you noticed.

Think of your headshot ( profile picture ) as an investment in your career. Any professional needs the customer to be aware of their work and in this day and age your online presence is very important. The truth is, like it or not, anyone today searching for you will do it on the web and the chances are, that your image is the first thing potential clients will see. Blurry, pixelated or amateur photography will make you look unprofessional and within seconds can make people click away and go elsewhere – studies say that the any given person will make a decision on working with you in one tenth of a second

Herein lies my job. Here at fourTwographs I provide you with the images you require. Anyone wanting to be taken seriously today should be exhibiting headshots on all their communication outlets.

Below are just a few of the locations that your true identity should be prominent.

  • Business cards

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

Not forgetting dating agency profiles, musicians and actors.

Creating that all powerful headshot can go a long way to creating that all-important, positive first impression. This is why I am here to help you to get noticed. You and I work to getting that online profile picture that will help you stand out in that crowd. A classic headshot will only really encompass your head and shoulders, so no real need for that expensive outfit, just nice crisp, clean tops without any over complicated patterns. that’s not to say you cannot wear matching tops and bottoms, it’s just that unless we go below a ¾ shot and on to a full length shot at your request, then the bottoms will not be seen within the shot.  

Lady wearing spectacles

Headshot V’s Portrait

Often I am asked by people ' what is the difference between a Headshot and a Portrait. The straight answer...

Headshots – Social Media

You are not alone in having worries and concerns about having your photo taken We really have heard every...

Clothing at shoots

What to wear for a portrait. My advice and many other photographers - but not all -...

cat portrait – Siamese patrol

Cat Portrait Today was not the...

Art In The Pen

Carlisle 2014 As many of you will know, this weekend was spent exhibiting our Landscapes over at the Carlisle...

Cake Smash

Three Part Portrait Cake Smash Mother and Son came to the studio with friend who had made the cake,...


If you are having a MUA with your photoshoot then please consider these few pointers to make the job and your...

Project22 Bolton Preview

Project 22 - the end? As of the 22nd of June 2017, the photographic aspect of Project 22 came to a close. For...

Professional Headshot Photography

Your unique personality My goal is to pull amazing expressions from you, so that you appear...

Festive Shoots

ASSIGNMENT: Chew the fat festive sessions are just that. You and your family/friends will spend 20 minutes...

Become connected with your camera

Do you own a lovely DSLR camera that you mostly use in Auto Mode? Are you confused by all the settings and a...
Monochrome Portraits by John Bentley Bolton

Monochrome Portraits by John Bentley Bolton

Monochrome Portraits

Classic styling with classic lighting. These are monochrome portraits. The style is generally one light up close and personal, but seriously, this is not a bad thing.

The light is placed close to the subject and controlled in a way that the light wraps around the features and falls off relatively soon, therefore giving a nice soft light that will isolate the subject on a black background. These vintage black & white style portraits are all about the person.

For the dark moodier shots we have the sitter wear black on black. We like you the sitter to be wearing a black shirt or blouse, but in most cases the sitter can wear either a black T-shirt or a dark jumper/sweater. Some photographers will refer to these as being Low-key or the phrase of ‘ photo Noir’ Whatever folk call them, they are without question, when done correctly, simply breath-taking

Monochrome portraits here at fourTwographs Northwest England
Monochrome portraits using the High-key styled lighting

The opposite of these Classic Monochrome portraits, is the ‘White on White’ High-Key version. With this style of portrait the sitter will wear a white garment and be photographed on a white background. Same perfect look, but using other lights.

Again a simple clean shot printed in ‘Black & White’ to keep the viewer’s attention on the eyes.



Whatever you decide for your chosen session, you will have the same great experience enjoyed by others before you.

The primary concern with capturing these images, is the EYES – here at fourTwographs John is always looking at the eyes. John will look and momentarily capture that moment when he feels the character of his sitter(s) is shining through. He does this will all hise portraiture. The style here at the studios, to to grab the attention of the viewer, and that is done to perfection in all his work, but even more so with a totally black background, void of clutter and bright attention seeking colours.

My personal favourite is the dark clothing combined with the black background. The soft lighting creates beautiful and unique timeless portraits. The eyes will draw you in to the image and keep you there connecting with the sitter

John Bentley

Photographer, fourTwographs

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Fine Art Portraiture

Fine Art Portraiture

Fine art portraiture

Here at fourTwographs we try to give as mush as we can without breaking the bank. Some of these times can be in helping models to create a quality portfolio to showcase the potential they have. I have help several models in my years as a photographer to get paid work from showing who and what they are online.

I also get to develop my craft in the process. Working in this business is a two-way street. We help each other in this creative world. MUA ( makeup artist ) are also taken on board to help us create the image we desire. I can, and will work with almost all styles of model and MUA to help develop each of our skills.

Shoots are often planned weeks in advance and some have even taken over a year to create just because the conditions are not right or the model is not available, MUA are not free to dedicate their time when we need it. We wait.

There are models out there that I still have not shot with because their portfolio is up to date or my style does not suit them at the time. I happen to feel that certain models can boost my portfolio and reputation immensely and would love to shoot with them- I can wait. In the meantime we don’t just sit around waiting. We create a want and a need for our work. I shoot with families and children. I invest in other people to help us.

We work with people in business and other locations to fuel the fire.

All our shoots are fun, friendly, relaxed with plenty of coffee, tea, water and chat. As well as an array of fabrics, props, hats and clothes to make the whole experience a memorable one.

Fine art portraiture commissions start from £65


Sam and the teddies

Sam and the teddies

John Bentley – creating portraits others only dream of doing

A couple weeks back we had a little boy in for a photoshoot. 13 months young and apparently was at his best first thing. So we scheduled the shoot for 9am Monday morning. We sure was not dissaponited! what a little star.
Little chap

Portrait of little boy sat in suitcase

Everything here at fourTwographs starts with either a email or phone call. We always try to answer any questions about the cost and process of the portrait creations, but all concrete leads start after the phone call to a relaxed meet in either the clients home or venue of choice. I generally suggest a local coffee shop – Local to the client that is. The case study here for example was for the mother, Karen to contact myself via email and then also our facebook page. I followed up with the message and then a phone call to arrange a meet at  coffee shop local to us both. I met Karen, her mother and little Sam 3 days later at Chill @thecowshed and discussed her requirements for the portrait creation – this is the consultation all clients receive. We discussed times and styles and then arranged for the 9am shoot because this was the best time to find the little boy at his most cooperative 🙂 The end result was, we got to be entertained by this cute little boy, and in the process Mother got to choose some beautiful captures for print. Below are a selection of prints created on the day.

Memories that captivate

Interested in booking your child or family a photoshoot. Just complete the form below and we will contact you to arrange further discussions.


The Gothmother

  It was the day of my booked Mother and Son photo shoot with John and everything was great from the start. Before I even got into the room it was very easy to get there with my son’s big pram. When I got there my son was asleep so John offered me a beverage...

Cake Smash

Three Part Portrait Cake Smash Mother and Son came to the studio with friend who had made the cake, especially for the little boy, Elliott. Shannon was really excited when she saw the set up. Elliott looked adorable, had dungarees on with ‘I am One’ printed all over....