Corporate Portraiture – headshot guidance

Corporate Portraiture – headshot guidance

Are you looking to have new images created for your brand, next project, or just feel you need a good new selection of rotating social media imagery. If so, give me a call anytime and

let’s do this!

You have seconds to leave your mark in all this social media noise. Let Me, John Bentley get you noticed quicker and easier than before. I fit in around your schedule and workforce commitments. I capture on site and even at the desk if your brand and logistics require this approach and look.

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Couldn’t meet a more genuine guy. Understanding of what you need/want without compromising his own style.


Great photographer who puts you at ease straight away. Love his work.


He captures the essence of who you are, dissipating the facade and capturing an honest image. A true artist!


Bentley Portraits

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots

Professional Headshots Photographer – Northwest

Corporate Portraiture – Simon Bowkett and his professional headshots


On Monday John and Julia were in Tarpoley, Cheshire. A shoot with Simon Bowkett of Symco Training. What a nice chap, easy going, approachable and a good laugh. They were there until around lunch time. Sometimes watching him whilst he made a video for his business and sometimes taking pictures of him whilst this happened. A little later they got to spend some one on one time with Simon and get some shots away from the green screen. All in all a good day.

We had a few gremlins in the baggage on this shoot. We had light failure several times – I suspect due to me having left the gear in the car over night! A little on the cold side, DOH!! – and one of the receivers for our wireless triggers developed a loose wire :/ Very stressful time, but like the professional I am, with not too many curse words, mission accomplished. Here are a couple of the shots that caught my eye. Simon and the team may select several different ones, so keep an eye out on LinkedIn or over at Symco Training ( link Below )

Simon Bowkett – Symco Training

Helping businesses get their sales people up to speed quickly, therefore reducing the cost of lost sales

In Other News

Ted and Chimp have had an education in new swear words this week. As you may or may not know, there have been some issues with one of Johns hard drives. As a result Ted and Chimp are currently hiding on the big red chair under a blanket waiting for things to return to normal. Am sure they’ll keep you informed as to how things are going.

See you again soon. TTFN

Made to feel so much at ease and relaxed actually enjoyed the photo shoot and that is a very strong compliment as I don’t like my photo being taken. Would definitely recommend John

Gay Wharton

John is a fantastic photographer. He did head shot portraits of our head office team. His photographs are amazing and captured the very essence of each individual. Very clever and a great character. Highly recommended.


Group Finance Director, 3Sixty Restaurants Ltd

Such a lovely, genuine, hilarious guy. He puts you at ease whilst working his magic. Would highly, highly recommend!


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Headshot | fourTwographs by John Bentley

The Art Of Getting You Noticed


What we do, is create the dynamic head-shot that will enhance you and your image.

The whole point of the head-shot, is not to come out of your shoot with bunch of makeover type shots or a modelling portfolio, but for us together, to capture what it is that makes you different from others.

This lovely fellow ‘complete gentlemen’ certainly knows how to turn heads when it comes to the quality of his work.


… the images demonstrate how the intertwining of art and science can mean that your dreams are possible!

I don’t hesitate to recommend fourTwographs


I’d never done anything like this before, not being too comfortable that side of the camera. I was impressed with the smooth operation and how at ease John made me feel while having lots of ideas to try.