How many times do we awake with our minds working overtime? If you’re anything like me then that will be every waking day! well not no more!! Today was possibly one of the first days in a long, long time that I awoke with an empty head. Obviously not completely empty but at the most all the thoughts in there were just about making a brew having a shower taking my meds and then getting to the studio to start the day processing images for next months art in the pen weekend.

Well here I am all done and dusted – I think :/

It was a strange kind of day to be honest with you. I managed to get through the day without many – if any – negative thoughts. As long as you don’t think of negative thoughts, your happiness will naturally come together whilst you are doing your daily tasks. That’s the theory we know, but seldom is the truth. Well today I must admit it was a successful day on the positive side. Once we get into the habit clearing or mind of negativity our daily life will always be full of the ‘feel good factor!’