For anyone who has spoken to John and asked him what next, as I know a few people have, I’m sure you’ll have heard whisperings of #WhiteShirt.

Well, let’s put the rumours to rest. As of September the 22nd (did you expect any other date?!) project #WhiteShirt will officially begin!

So, what’s it all about? Well as the name suggests, it will require participants to have their picture taken in a white shirt – 222 people to be exact. Bet you didn’t see that number coming! What the subject does with the shirt will be up to them. Wear it normally, wear it backwards, wear it on your head, let your imagination run wild! The idea is for all 222 to use the same white shirt, but John has promised to wash it – occasionally!

Now, unlike Project22, this one will be undertaken as a spare time project and requires participants to pay a fee to take part, currently set at £111. A large chunk of this fee will be put into a pot to raise money for local based domestic abuse charity, Fortalice, with the aim being to raise around a staggering £12,000! Definitely worth the fee if you ask me! According to the Fortalice website, every year they have a shortfall in funding of around £85,000. A donation of £12,000 could help to redecorate 40 one bedroom flats at £300 a time, or provide 244 sessions of 1-1 support for a child affected by domestic abuse.

Also included with the fee will be the cost of a 24x16″ fine art print which will be signed and embossed by John, just in case (in his own words) it’ll be worth something after his death – cheerful! Shoots will last roughly one hour and there are plans for both indoor and outdoor locations.

So, for anyone who is desperately interested and intent to put their name down to be one of the 222, please get in contact for further information!