Corporate Portraits and why we need them


Every business owner or creative/artist needs to be putting themselves in front of a camera. Whether it’s for your Website, Business card, Promotional materials, LinkedIn account, Facebook or Twitter profiles, and even that addition to your CV,  that image of you, is what potential clients want to be seeing.

I don’t  really need a professional photographer, do I?

Why not just crop out your friends and family from that picture you had taken at the pub, night out or even the summer barbeque, and use that for your business profile. I mean, I did get a lot of comments and likes on that one on Instagram/Facebook.

Let’s get real, they liked the smile maybe or the fact that you was drunk and still standing. In reality, yes there is possibly nothing wrong with the photo. It is after all who you are, but do you think it is a good representation of you and your business character?

Selfies are good are they not?

People liking and commenting are not really commenting/liking your ability to take a good selfie, you just popped up in their feed and they are happy to see you having a great time. Chances are they clicked like and moved on to the next post hardly really noticing your picture.

It saddens me that these business owners are not giving themselves the best chance of success.

If you happen to be in need of a professional who are you most likely trust, the one with a profile picture from a night out with friends or the one with a well composed and evenly lit corporate portrait, headshot, that shows they look professional and approachable? Not all but most people will instinctively trust the one with the professional photo. they say we take around 10 seconds to decide if we like a person by their profile image on the web. Don’t you think it is better to have the professional ‘Business Headshot’ on display so people will notice you quicker?

Not only will it build trust, but it will also help you stand out from all the other similar businesses that have settled for that quick phone selfie or night out shot.

Think portraits, Think fourTwographs

Here at fourTwographs we work in the ‘Art of getting you noticed’

So how do you know what sort of portrait will be suitable for your business?

Enter your email Below and I will send you a quick guide and some examples to help you decide what is most appropriate to attract your ideal customers to your brand. If after reading this guide you are convinced I am right, why not give me a call, I’d be happy to have a chat about your business and give you some guidance on our portrait styles, that could be getting you more attention than you previously thought possible.

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