• Placing a child where you want them to stand and asking them to smile nicely rarely works. Here at fourTwographs we like to let them roam, explore their surroundings and any objects or props that might be around. Natural smiles, gorgeous expressions of surprise and curiosity will appear along the way – it’s our job to capture those moments, and we do.
  • It is not all about the smiles you know. Any honest parent will tell you, they can spend hours of the day just staring at all the little subtle expressions our children make. Children of all ages, including teenagers, still possess a wonderful array of quirks, frowns, grimaces, grins and funny faces that really show their personality – it is our job to again, capture these moments.
  • There isn’t a great rush when photographing children here at fourTwographs. Children don’t perform to order, so sometimes you have to be patient and let them get used to where they are and what’s going on. 
  • If a child is not enjoying themselves and is getting upset, it’s time to put our camera away. We respect their privacy and their self-confidence. So therefore we give them a little time longer—after all, you wouldn’t like a camera shoved in your face if you were feeling shy and vulnerable, would you?
  • We want to get the best portraits possible of your children, so we have to make it worth their while! Making photo shoots fun and enjoyable means that your kids will want to do it time and time again. We like to let them get involved and take some pictures of us occasionally We often like to show them all the images afterwards and let them help choose which ones they prefer – we never let them make the final decisions on what is to be printed, that is up to you the parent, to do that at your follow-up preview session.


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Above are just a few pointers on how we tend to go about photographic you and your children.

Why not take a look at our small collection of some of our favourite shots we have managed to help create with wonderful people that walk through our doors and into the art-photography studios here at fourTwographs