Being a professional photographer – one who earns their entire income from the involvement in making portraits – is not the easiest of professions but it is wonderful. I would not change it for the world. That said I would possibly change some of its roles. Take marketing for instance, I love it. But it gets in the way of being creative. 80% of my job is possibly marketing, admin, meeting clients rather than actually doing the creating. Only around 20% or less is spent making portraits. Today

Today was a great day making portraits. I had the request to shoot a lifestyle portrait over in the Ribble Valley Art Studios in Clitheroe. Artist/teacher and studio manager Keith Parkinson was wanting some portraits done for his side of the marketing business. He needed some headshots and also some studio setting portraits.

Yes I do travel to other places to create portraiture. I don’t just shoot in our studios, I do like to oblige clients with the chance of photographic in their environment. I find it helps them relax more and gives me the perfect opportunity to practice my craft. Each situation needs to be shot differently, sometimes in natural light and other times with studio strobes. Today was a few shots with just studio lighting and a few shots mixing studio and window light.

Keith was a great guy and had the kettle on the minute I arrived. In fact he actually met me outside and assisted me in carrying the gear up the stairs to the art studios. The set up was simple really. I was set up shooting and on my way back to another client within  90 mins.