Launching in 2018 will be a new child portraiture venture by John Bentley and fourTwographs.

Little Legacies will be a three part photo shoot spread out across a years time frame, incorporating three half hour mini sessions, allowing you to capture your child as they change and grow across the year.

Children develop and advance in the blink of an eye, so what better way to cherish them than to photograph them as they grow?

Imagine being able to look back at the polished pictures you’ve had taken in the previous year and see how much they’ve changed, and filling your home with professional shots of your little ones.

Here at fourTwographs, we understand that paying a professional photographer to capture your memories can seem like a daunting and expensive investment. Because of this, we will be running it as a monthly subscription service, allowing you to spread the cost rather than pay a larger amount upfront.

For around the cost of one decent coffee a week, or £10.95 a month, you will get three mini sessions which would usually retail at £147, or £49 per session. Paying this way will also save you £15.60 from if the sessions were purchased separately. In addition, you will receive one free 9″ x 6″ Mounted print* of your choice from each session, with the option to purchase more at a discounted rate of 22%.

More information to follow in the New Year!

*these prints are archival and presented in a 14″ x 11″ mount ready to be framed RRP £36

Little Legacies with Cate