Below are a small collection of images taken by myself John Bentley, of the late GREAT Malcolm Samuel Firth who on the 24th April 2014 decided he needed to take a long rest in preparation for the afterlife.

If anyone out there is wanting to have a pictorial memory of Mal then please feel free to download any of the images below by clicking this link that will take you to a small holding site for you to download for personal use or print.

If you happen to know anyone who loved and had respect for Mal could you please share this page with them. That way they too can join in a small celebration of his life.

If you are interested in what he did with the remainder of his years after cycling then please take a look at the blog we set up for him to share with others on a global scale. The Wrinkly Rambler – Pleasant walks with camera and three dogs

May I ask that if you do have anything to say that you would like to share then could you please do so in the comments box below.

Unfortunately the site that Mal wrote from will not be able to show any comments by people due to us at this moment in time not having the password to access and authorise any said comments.

Thank you for visiting this site and sharing with all your friends. Whilst this is primarily my business site I am hoping to share some of the walks that Mal and myself had planned for this summer 2014 but we never got to fulfill.

Kindest of Regards John Bentley