What a great and unusual request


We are often asked about or Pet Portraits here at fourTwographs. The other week we was asked if we would be interested in photographing a couple of snakes and possibly a bearded dragon. Not one to turn away a little experience I said yes why not, but could we possibly make some art with them. For example maybe we could look for a bald headed lady.

Well what  pleasant surprise when Linda the owner of these reptiles said ‘I know just the lady you need’  A couple txt messages and a quick phone call fixed us a date.

On the day I had to pick up the owner of the reptiles. I dutifully arrived to be met by four snakes – a royal python, a milk snake and two corn snakes – and then a quick 500 yard drive to her daughter’s house and pick up the bearded dragon.

Emma* – the bald headed lady – arrived at the studio and we spent 20 minutes getting ourselves acquainted and discussing the process we would be doing to capture these wonderfully, sublime images.



Emma has autoimmune problems whereby her immune system attacks the body. Mainly her hair and skin but also some of internal organs when it gets bad.

Emma said ‘I’ve had this since I was a teenager and now I’m very comfortable with the way that I look. I have the opinion that if people don’t like the way that I look then that isn’t my problem’

I would like to thank Emma for being a great sport and helping us create both art for the studio and some amazing pet portraits for Linda the owner. Who by the way can be seen in our next blog post when she decided that we did such a great job of the photography that she felt the need to be in front of the camera herself for some beautiful and sensual shots to be handed to her husband.

See we create a wonderful set of images her at fourTwographs that you can share with your family, no matter what the style, we can always help you capture some truly wonderful memories.