Be honest. They are not really much use on a disk are they?

If you really care about your pictures of friends, family, places that you visit or that beautiful piece of art you just created, or even became passionate about, then please, please, please consider having it printed. The true cost of print today really is nothing. And the capabilities are getting better. [su_pullquote align=”right”]“We digitise things because we think we will preserve them, but what we don’t understand is that unless we take other steps, those digital versions may not be any better, and may even be worse, than the artefacts that we digitised,” Cerf told the Guardian. “If there are photos you really care about, print them out.”[/su_pullquote] Shelf life of optical media is 2 – 10 years. Good quality prints from a photographer using the right papers, inks and printer can be in excess of 100 years.
Let us say you come to my studio and ask to receive the images on disk. I would charge in the region of £350 for 10 un-retouched printable images. In theory that is £35 per image. Ok, let say you take the disc and go home never to print those images and just place the disc in a drawer. Over time you forget about it and keep placing thinks into the draw like pens, phones coins etc – you get the gist.
Well if that disc happened to become damaged the chances are you would not have any images to view. £350 spent on nothing to look at.

As we go through our day-to-day lives, remember to take lots of pictures and print them often! – Bryan Caporicci