Sunday past and so Wednesday is a new day


Every so often we have ( casting calls )model days here at the Studios.

Continuing from Sunday, Zanthy and myself had arranged that if the weather was looking good on a Wednesday then we would attempt to finish the portfolio of images we started to create on Sunday last. see here

The weather was forecast cloudy with sunny spells. It sure was that. Here are the results from the outing.

We decided that they needed to be on the moors where the purple heather was in abundance and vibrant. The colours seemed to correspond with the flowers on the dress.

All images are taken using natural light and one reflector or diffuser depending on the sun appearing from behind the clouds. The clouds are a wonderful softbox but often when they move the sun can cast harsh shadows across the models face. In this case i used the diffuser to act like the clouds and soften the light on her face.


Would you be interested in a chance to have a paid for photoshoot?

There are times when we can offer free photo shoots to the public. These are generally to try out new lighting or a MUA. Sometimes just for fun. Here at fourtwographs we like to give back to the public as and when we can.