Preparing children for a portrait sitting

Please, on no account should you ‘warn’ your children to behave themselves, either before or  during the sitting. This puts your children under more pressure and hinders us in capturing their true personality. We are almost always able to encourage children to enjoy themselves, therefore warnings and reprimands from parents are not required.

Most children no matter of age, go through the same phases, and few, if any of these attitudes, are new to an experienced portrait photographer. We suggest that teenagers be allowed to bring clothes of their own choice, in addition to those, which the parent’s prefer them to wear. Again ‘warnings’ from parents are not helpful.

Anything which you may consider to be a character of your child or family member including any activity they or you participate in you may like to bring for inclusion.

Try to dress young children in comfortable, well fitting clothing.

Try to Schedule the photo shoot when kids are at their happiest. This said, obviously the time of day and season can sometimes dictate these times. Here at fourTwographs we arrange all this at the consultation prior to the shoot. We seldom ever shoot more than 2 shoots a day. For no other reason than, we like you to be comfortable and relaxed, so therefore giving you plenty of time to feel relaxed. Nothing is rushed here at fourTwographs. If we are to work together and create beautiful portraits then we need to work without to many limits.

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