Good evening everybody peeps!

Just a little post today about an impromptu shoot that happened yesterday. Here at fourTwographs we have several folk dropping in for a chat and a brew ( sometimes to eat all our biscuits ) if they happen to be in the area or even if they are not, but just fancy a change of scenery. Any way, back to the day. Chris Fittock, a fellow artist who I we have contatc with on a Facebook group txted me to say that if we was free from shooting would it be ok for him to travel over from Burnley for a change of scenery and to look at out studio space- bare in mind whilst we are fully functional photographic studio we also have some art studio spaces that other folk rent for themselves – and maybe a biscuit or two. “Yeah, sure think Chris” I replied, “we are free from just after lunch, say after 13:00” well he txt back that he would be over in the studios around ‘dentist time’ 2:30pm ( BAD JOKE I KNOW ) Chris arrived looking hot in his Androgynous outfit and duly plonked himself in a chair in the studio where I had just hung the day before, a parrot in a cage and an old frame a neighbour gave us – I just added some lose fabric in the frame. I thought the trio of of chair, frame, cage went together in a surreal way, but when Chris sat on the chair between these pieces, I just had to take a few shots of Chris. The resulting images being the ones below. It seems Chris may be back for a few more shots, being that he is looking to apply for film extras and also doing a few talks on his cross dressing, he will need some good promotional shots to boot.

The meet was just going to be a chinwag with biscuits and a brew to be honest, but whilst we got talking about life and how we approached things, the discussion led to the fact of him ‘coming out’ in the ‘cross dressing’ sense.  It turns out that whilst he as been fighting the battle within, taking only brief opportunities to cross dress, he decided whilst studying for a  Fine Art Degree at Blackburn College to come out fully.

Girl In Red Hat – Chris Fittock  The self portrait painting he officially came out to, to his fellow students and tutors towards the end of his first year.