Professional photographer. Choosing the right one to work with you

Ideally you should be making your choice of photographer based on the style of images you want to hang in your home. Fine art, Life style, Fashion, high key, Low key, Black & White etc.

  • You need to choose the photographer, like you would any other professional, and have the job be completed to your expectations, would you not? 

  • Check the portfolio and read their description of what it is they do. They may have several styles listed but on close inspection may only be exemplary at one given style that leaves you with a very good impression of them. 

  • Call them on the phone and communicate with them, see if they are a people person. Meet with them for a consultation – any photographer worth their salt will spend a good amount of time with you, without the pressure for you to invest in them. 

  • See if they can deliver in person what they say on paper or in their sales pitch. 

  • Do they offer a satisfaction guarantee. This could help relieve any pressure on you the client to commit a large amount of your income on a product you are not entirely happy with. 

Finally after you have done the above steps what about the products offered.

  • Are they prints, framed prints, canvas or maybe even disc. All these options can be vital in helping you choose the photographer best suited to creating your perfect experience, be it a family, child or wedding session. 

Images on disc are offered by many photographer today and often do well, but now you have the downside of having to have these images retouched cropped and most importantly, printed. Is it worth having the disc of images that quite possibly will never been looked at. Do you not prefer prints that can be printed with a longevity that can last your lifetime and your childrens besides – provided the papers and inks used are of the highest quality available.

Adding to the cost of prints is of course mounts and frames. What are the costs of these, are they included in the price.

Are the canvas prints embellished in anyway with paints or fabrics to make them unique. Are the canvas products ready to hang. Are they hung for you. Do they come framed.

All these questions need to be answered if you are wanting to make an investment in your photographic images from the studios.

One last important element is, does the photographer produce consistent images. Can their style be seen in all their images. Can you trust this photographer to deliver imagery that you or any other family member is unable to create. If so then, you may just have found the partnership you have been looking for in your quest to have beautiful artwork created for you.

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