Print what you want to preserve

That’s the advice here at #fourTwographs.

Today people tend to take snaps of their children and other family mebers but never seem to have them printed. Always seem to have them stored on the phone, computer or the cloud. Why is this? is it because we don’t want the hassle of waiting for them anymore, like we used to have to do back in the days of film. I mean, today you can possibly get your images printed within 10 mins if you was to nip into your local superstore.What I think it is, is this. We don’t print our images because the fact is,  we are able to take so many photos today when and where we like, that if we were to print them we would just have boxes/albums of images that could be meaningless once we look back on them.

Well this is were we here at #fourTwographs come in


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What we are known for doing here is giving you, the customer the quality prints that need to be preserved for generations to come. We believe that ever generations deserves to have a tangible product in their hands. Something to cherish for years to come.The way we deliver this message is to create beautiful tactile memories in the form of PRINT After all, what is there to be felt from a screen or a dvd that contains beautiful images? Images that you and  I work to create.Granted we need images also on our phones so that we can share them with friends and family. So what we do to aid you with this, is provide you with a APP that you can download to your phone and share the images with your friends, family and other social media sites – SIMPLES


This autumn madness offer is now finished, but DO NOT worry! If you subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on most social media you will find other offers that come your way.

What is your reason for not printing your photos?

Do you think that cost of prints from studio photographers like myself are expensive? 

If so what do you think they should be, bearing in mind the quality that you can achieve

Why not leave us a comment in the box below and maybe educate us on your needs and reasons for printing or not.

Regards JohnB

  • Portrait sessions start at £65
  • Prints start at £5
  • Fine art prints start at £25

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