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The number 22 has played a significant role in the life of photographer John Bentley. John was born 25/03 (25 minus 3 = 22) and lived in a house numbered 44 (44 divided by 2 = 22). John is not quite sure when the number gained prominence but can pin point one time in the 1990s when setting up a new email; a server suggested an account his name followed by the number 22. Later when he switched emails accounts, the new server once more brought back johnb22 to be a recommended option. The occurrence of the number 22 was frequently seen throughout his day; whenever he looked at the video clock of an evening 80% of the time it would read 22:22; working night shifts he would often look toward the factory clock to see 22:22.
The number was further pertinent in key life moments; John first married at the age of 22 and survived a heart attack at 44 (22x2). The latter holds greater significance as the number in hospitals for a cardiac arrest is 2222 and John had his heart attack at 11:11 am on 22 June 2007. He was signed out of Hospital on 22 April, after a triple bypass, to return home. He could go on and admits this is a silly occurrence, and that it doesn’t bother him, but does intrigue.

What is project 22?

John needs your help to take part in an ambitious photography project. Starting 20 February 2017, John aims to photograph 2222 faces before 22 June 2017, thus giving him 121 days to complete the project.
The aim is to have a minimum of 222 portraits to present at an exhibition at The Gallery At St George’s House, Bolton this Summer. Would you like your photograph taken by a professional photographer?
If so you could see your image in the exhibition and you will be given a LowRes digital image to use on your social media. You will also have the opportunity to purchase larger prints to take home and enjoy, of which John will be donating a percentage of these monies to charity.
If you are interested in getting involved in this exciting project and raising money for charity, please fill in the for below to hear further details on the project. Once registered you will need to check your email. Maybe even your spam folder. After this you will be sent a link to the booking system, where you can then choose your time/date slot. Please only book one slot per person, and please try to book the one that you can make.
We look forward to seeing you through the lens!
John Bentley
Think Portraits, Think fourTwographs

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please note that these portraits will be created at the Gallery At St Georges House Bolton BL1 2EN


Images from the shoot will be shared with you via a dropbox link. You will be allowed to use these low res images to share on social media. All low res images will carry the studio/project watermark. If you would like to have the watermarks removed you can do so by purchasing any of the images in either print format ( SIZE 12″ x 8″ ) or a full high res digital image that you can print any number of times*

Printed images are available at £22 per print and £4:84 ( 22% ) of each print will go to the charity named below.

Digital High res images will be available at the cost of £33 per digital file, and of each one sold £7:26 ( 22% ) will go to the charity named below.

Lagan’s Foundation

Home respite and support services for young children with heart defects or feeding issues across the UK

Lagan’s Foundation is the charity I am looking to support with 22% of the total sales ( before any other costs ) going to help this organisation.

If however, you feel that the images taken of you are not worthy of purchase, then can I please encourage you to make a small donation to the foundation yourself, via there DONATIONS PAGE

please understand, there is NO obligation to purchase. This is a FREE photoshoot that you will be contributing your face too, in order for me to hold the #Project22 exhibition this coming summer here in Bolton at The Gallery At St Georges House ( same place the portraits are being taken )