The Gothmother

It was the day of my booked Mother and Son photo shoot with John and everything was great from the start. Before I even got into the room it was very easy to get there with my son’s big pram. When I got there my son was asleep so John offered me a beverage while we signed papers and discussed the shoot for the day.

John had booked in extra time for me because, well babies can be difficult sometimes. Before any photos had been taken John and my son, Daegan, 4 months old, began bonding and he took a shine to John straight away. The room was lovely and there was a lot of soft material options to lay Daegan on and make him feel comfortable. John even went the extra mile and turned the heating up before we even arrived so that Daegan would comfortable in more natural poses while un-dressed.

Daegan was very happy the entire time during the shoot apart from when he got a bit hungry, John was perfectly fine with this and let us take a time out to feed him. We then took the opportunity of him napping after his bottle for some sweet, precious mother and baby cuddling shots which were lovely.

These were on a lounging couch which i lay across with him on my chest asleep as I would do at home. This is the exact thing John captures in his photos. Just natural, raw humans and their connection. After a few natural pictures were taken we began to pose him with some of his favourite teddies as John suggested to bring.

Even though i was holding him up with his teddies John made the pictures look great. Then came the beautiful floor photos. Daegan lay on blankets and i curled around him and John got some beautiful bird’s eye view pictures of this, as well as entertaining Daegan at the same time.

The last scene was Daegan in a suitcase which may i say was ADORABLE. The vintage suitcase was laying open flat with lots of blankets inside to make it cosy. He fit in there perfectly. Some shots were in his vest and then the last ones were of him naked and they were all so lovely and pure.

After the shoot finished Daegan began to get a bit frustrated and got upset, John actually offered to cheer him up while i packed Daegan’s stuff away and John was walking around the room chatting away to him. Once i had finished John was showing Daegan previews on his screen which i was very excited about because all of them were stunning. At the end I began putting Daegan in his pram ready to leave and i was actually offered to be walked out with Daegan by one of John’s associates as it had gotten a bit dark. I was waited with until my taxi arrived and helped to get him in the car.

An all-round amazing, care-free and happy experienced.

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