Mal Firth posing

Mal Firth posing

You may recall last year – almost 12 month to be honest – a wonderful gentleman and his dogs approached me to create a great family portrait of him and his dogs. SEE HERE

Well today I write of his passing.

Malcolm Samuel Firth 1938 – 2014

One of best men I ever walk a path of life with. 

Sadly rested at 6am 24th April 2014


Mal was a phenomenal guy. 68 years young when I first came across him on a photography forum, where he would post images of his travels in the local area. he would often post them with a little story and a sarcastic remark about how he would have achieve the amazing effects with the wonders of Photoshop ( you had to understand the other members that almost always stated ” this was done in camera” to appreciate these comments )

He would have been 76 Years young on the 30th April 2014 but sadly never reached it. I say sadly, but to be honest it was a wonderful thing – tearful I can assure you, but wonderful nonetheless – to have this gentleman ask the hospital ring me to be at his bedside  on the Wednesday morning of 23rd April 2014. He called for two of us, Myself and Ann Hayes, the lady that really looked after him – I was just the young man that kept him occupied throughout the latter days of his life. We had some wonderful experiences up on those moors walking with the dogs. i will not bore you with them but please, if you can go check out the ramblings of this great man on his blog – Just Rambling On now carefully changed to Wrinkly Rambler – Pleasant walks with camera and three dogs. I’ll let Mal tell you the stories, he was a far better man than me at doing this. He was a man of great integrity that never judge you. He often would pass comments about things but never EVER judged! just wanted you to know that what he could pass on to you was a view from a different angle, and believe you me, he helped me see things differently, thats for sure.

I never posted this earlier due to not wanting people close to Mal Firth to have to read about his passing via Facebook, but I guess now everyone knows.

I met this amazingly fit, carefree, knowledgeable young man when he was 68 and on many occasions walked with him, sharing some wonderful days and late summer evenings outdoors in and around Lancashire.

At almost 76 yrs young, sadly he could not hang around on this planet any longer if it meant he could not get out on the moors – his words not mine. Myself and Anne Hayes spent the last hours respecting his decision to give up the fight. It was hard to watch this man who taught me to pace myself and bide your time, knowing that we get there in the end, make his decision to go to sleep never to awake. He shouted at us both for telling him to don’t be stupid, that he was still going to make it. “There is no magic” he said to me. “Show me some respect, I not a fool John. Just look after the dogs and let me sleep” was his request.

The life you lived was packed full of adventure and only wish I had known you longer, although the stories you shared with me and the research you did for your blog really did make me feel that I’d known you a lifetime.

You educated me well in life, showing me the way when I often was lost in life.
Never one to judge. Always one with the direction to go in the quest for the correct answer. Always one with a different angle on life, but not the one to say who was right or wrong. Just a guide to approaching thinks differently.

I’m going to miss you, you “wrinkly Rambler” and so are many, many other people whose path you walked along.

R.I.P Mal you owdfart and I’ll see you on the other side one day.

Malcolm Samuel Firth 1938 – 2014

One of best best men I ever walk a path of life with.

Sadly rested at 6am 24th April 2014


I have had several requests from people close to him and others that knew this helpful and knowledgeable young man, as to whether they could have copies of the images printed.
Of course you can. He was a gentleman who gave the way you should in life. I am attempting to follow in these footsteps and give what I can you others and so it is with great pleasure to honour this gentleman that i have uploaded several images for you all to download, print of just share. They are copyright free and reside here for you to use.