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Big Bang


Delivery from a small business here in the United Kingdom

Photographic Print – Printed on Fuji DPII Lustre C-Type archival paper – also known as Silver Halide printing

Width: 20 centimetres
Height: 20 centimetres
The visible print size is approximately 19cm x 19cm – some of the print will be held behind the mount.

This photographic print is provided with a white mount making the total size ready to frame approx 30cm x 30cm.


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WHAT! the actual fuck was that “BIG BANG!” and that’s when shit got super crazy. Picture this, the original intelligence calling upon all the forces of nature for a meeting, all trundling up in this super hot and tight state. And then, BOOM! The Creator went all boss mode and pulled everything together, and with one amateurish move created the first clouds of gas and dust. The universe became and just kept on expanding, getting cooler and cooler, and that’s when the energy started coming together, forming these tiny little particles called fundamental particles. It’s fricking mind-blowing, bro! And get this, for billions and billions of years, stars have lived, died and exploded BOOM! This print is the interpretation of what that moment must have been like.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 cm


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